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We at tfxlab have a new thing - the blog! The main idea here is to document 'The Practice of Science', which was the original title. Things like 'how to write a paper introduction' and other discussions that I found myself repeating over and over! [link]



Tutorial on supercritical fluids

I had the honor to give one of four tutorials at the 2016 Center for Turbulence Research Summer Program. The aim of the tutorial was to discuss the thermodynamics of supercritical fluids and its implications for high-pressure liquid-fueled combustion systems, to expose the state-of-the-art of physics modeling, and finally, to motivate the need to develop thermodynamically consistent models based on the equations of fluid motion to further investigate transcritical phenomena. [video] [slides]



ME317L - Introduction to Fluid Mechanics

[Youtube playlist] This introductory course into fluid mechanics gives an overview of classical topics, including hydrostatics, buoyancy, Bernoulli's equation, Torricelli's equation, mass flow meters, cavitation, control volume methods, Reynolds transport theorem, momentum theorem, differential analysis of flow fields, nondimensional groups, Navier Stokes equation.


ME520 - Advanced Thermodynamics

[Youtube playlist] This course is an introduction to advanced thermodynamics in a way I would have liked to learn it when I started doing research in rocket engine analysis and simulations. We start out with fluid property predictions using different ways, always with a molecular perspective. Using equations of state, such as van der Waals or Peng Robinson, to predict fluid densities then naturally leads to questions about phase stabilities, methods to solving these equations of state. Another logical step is the further analysis of equations of state with the goal to extract more information from them, such as enthalpy, heat capacities, etc., which, in turn, again naturally leads to questions about Maxwell relations, departure functions, etc.



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